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Email Marketing
Email marketing is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to leads and customers, it helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales.
Despite the rise of social meida, people use email more than any other platform. The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media.

Whether it is a one-time email broadcast or a scheduled marketing messages at the right time, NucleusCRM can help you maintain a personal connection with your customers.

Email Design
NucleusCRM lets you design professional-looking, responsive emails quickly and easily with its intuitive user interface. Use our library of free, profesionally-designed email templates and choose the one that fits your brand best. Easily customize your email with our feature rich email editor. Choose from 100+ email templates or upload your own. With a platform focused on creativity, every element: fonts, images, colors, plays together seamlessly.

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