Cloud Packages & Pricing
NucleusCRM is a cloud-based CRM for small to enterprise-sized businesses. Choose from five different packages to best suit your needs. The Starter, Basic, Business, Enterprise or Enterprise+ package will handle any business need with ease.
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1 User
10 leads captured per day
10 customer accounts
10 contacts
No mailing lists
No outgoing emails
No document storage
Starter Cloud
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1 User
500 leads captured per day
50 customer accounts
100 contacts
5 mailing lists
1,000 emails per month
1 GB document storage
Basic Cloud
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5 Users
1,000 leads captured per day
500 customer accounts
1,000 contacts
20 mailing lists
10,000 emails per month
10 GB document storage
Business Cloud
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10 Users
5,000 leads captured per day
1,000 customer accounts
5,000 contacts
50 mailing lists
25,000 emails per month
25 GB document storage
Enterprise Cloud
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25 User
Unlimited leads
5,000 customer accounts
10,000 contacts
100 mailing lists
50,000 emails per month
100 GB document storage
Enterprise+ Cloud
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100 Users
Unlimited leads
Unlimited customer accounts
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited mailing lists
100,000 emails per month
1 TB document storage

Scalability & Customization
We understand that flexibility should be available in every aspect, including our cloud packages, so if you find yourself needing more than your current cloud package provides- then all you have to do is upgrade!

Do you need help with migrating your data or a custom module? Need some integration work done, but don't know where to start? Fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch.
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