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NucleusCRM Key Features

Lead Management

Capture leads and convert them into customers.

Contact Management

Record contact details and follow their interactions with your business.

Email Marketing

Design and schedule marketing emails to promote your products or services.

Mailing List Management

Keep your contacts organized based on their engagement.

Order Management

Capture, track and fulfill customer orders.

Calendar & Tasks

Schedule tasks, events and appointments. Set deadlines to follow up in time.

Email Integration

Communicate with your customers by email directly from NucleusCRM.

Document Sharing

Upload and Share Documents within your organization.

Product Management

Create and manage your products to use in sales orders and quotations.

Streamline Your Sales Processes

Capture leads and organize your sales pipeline with visual tracking of potential buyers as they progress through different stages in your sales process.

Optimize Your Communication

Your customers are at the heart of your company, and effective customer communication is how you nurture, protect, and grow these relationships.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Easily manage your mailings lists, marketing emails, and scheduling. Extremely easy to use and incredibly powerful.
Simplified Integration
Create a seamless customer experience by connecting your existing web forms with WebFormJS.
Visualize your Sales Process
With our visual sales pipeline, you can track the movement of your leads through the sales process and effectively manage your pipeline. Move leads between stages by drag-and-drop or convert and junk them with ease. Adapt lead stages to your organization's sales process using custom statuses and actions - all in one place! With NucleusCRM, you'll be able to manage every step of a sale, from lead to sales order.
Marketing Automation
NucleusCRM allows you to take complete control of your email marketing campaigns. Whether you're sending a welcome message to all new customers or reminding them about their anniversary, NucleusCRM assists in creating and scheduling emails as well as using email templates to save time formatting emails with our easy to use email editor.
Cloud Packages & Pricing
NucleusCRM is a cloud-based CRM for small to enterprise-sized businesses. Choose from five different packages to best suit your needs. The Starter, Basic, Business, Enterprise or Enterprise+ package will handle any business need with ease.
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14-Day Free Cloud Trial
No Credit Card Required
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1 User
10 leads captured per day
10 customer accounts
10 contacts
No mailing lists
No outgoing emails
No document storage
Starter Cloud
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1 User
500 leads captured per day
50 customer accounts
100 contacts
5 mailing lists
1,000 emails per month
1 GB document storage
Basic Cloud
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5 Users
1,000 leads captured per day
500 customer accounts
1,000 contacts
20 mailing lists
10,000 emails per month
10 GB document storage
Business Cloud
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10 Users
5,000 leads captured per day
1,000 customer accounts
5,000 contacts
50 mailing lists
25,000 emails per month
25 GB document storage
Enterprise Cloud
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25 User
Unlimited leads
5,000 customer accounts
10,000 contacts
100 mailing lists
50,000 emails per month
100 GB document storage
Enterprise+ Cloud
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100 Users
Unlimited leads
Unlimited customer accounts
Unlimited contacts
Unlimited mailing lists
100,000 emails per month
1 TB document storage

Scalability & Customization
We understand that flexibility should be available in every aspect, including our cloud packages, so if you find yourself needing more than your current cloud package provides- then all you have to do is upgrade!

Do you need help with migrating your data or a custom module? Need some integration work done, but don't know where to start? Fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch.
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