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Start an Email Marketing Campaign

a NucleusCRM Tutorial by TvD last updated 2021/05/26

Set up a Mailing List

Setting up a mailing list is the first step in an email marketing campaign. A well-populated list will define who receives your messages and provide you with invaluable information about their future communications interests and tailor them specifically to those needs. For instructions on how to set up a mailing list, see our tutorial: How to create mailing lists 

NucleusCRM makes it easy for your subscribers to unsubscribe and resubscribe to your mailing lists by including an unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email sent.

Create a Campaign

Start creating your email marketing campaign by following the steps below. Within your campaign, you can create and schedule marketing emails.
1. Click on 'Marketing' in the menu and select 'Campaigns'.
2. Click the drop-down menu button and select 'Add Campaign'.
3. You are now prompted for some details to set up the new campaign.
4. When done, click the green 'Add Campaign' button at the bottom right.
When you have added a new campaign, you will be sent to its details page, where you can change additional settings, create and schedule emails and manage which mailing lists are used.

Reply Address and SPF Verification
The reply address used in your campaign needs to be a valid email address and owned by you. In addition, the domain name of the reply address needs to be SPF-verified before the campaign can be activated. 
Please read our tutorial on SPF Verification of Domains for more details.

Scheduled emails that do not pass SPF verification are put on hold, and you or your administrator will be notified. Reverification of the domain is done before each campaign run. 

Add Mailing Lists to the Campaign

Choose your target audience by adding previously created mailings lists to your new campaign. follow these steps:
1. In the campaign, click on the tab 'Mailing Lists'.
2. Click on the button 'Add Mailing List'.
3. Use the drop-down menu to select the mailing list you want to add.
4. Click the green 'Add Mailing List' button when you're done.

Designing Your Email

Manual Email Approval

All marketing emails need to go through a manual approval process. Before submitting your email for approval, please read our Anti-Spam Policy. NucleusCRM has a zero-tolerance policy regarding content promoting violence or hatred against any individuals or groups.

Requesting Approval

Once you are done setting up your email, click on the Request Approval option in the top-right menu. You will now see the approval checklist. Your marketing email needs to pass every item on the checklist before an approval request can be made. Passing the checklist does not guarantee approval.

Automatic Approval

Automatic email approval is available to Business Cloud accounts and higher and requires a minimum of twenty marketing emails successfully sent.
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