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Contact Management

Record contact details and follow their interactions with your business. You can manage all of the information you have collected about a contact in one place. NucleusCRM focuses on simplicity and ease of use.

Automatically track a contact's activity through its timeline. Listen, collaborate and respond to them in real-time through the integrated email client. Easily find and share contact information with your sales team, add notes and documents, and set tasks to follow up.

Integrated Email
E-mail can be used by your business to market to customers, alert them to new product offerings, and offer loyalty discounts or promotions. At the same time, e-mail can be used by your customers to troubleshoot any problems they have with your products or services, provide you feedback, and ask you any number of questions. Whether you realize it or not, e-mail has become a valuable tool through which you provide service to your customer.

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